i designed the new Fiesta Toy logos for their 2020 lines. each logo required a load of ideation, from thinking of a name to thinking how that name would be designed/illustrated. the Fiesta Toy logo is a 48 year logo that i had the opportunity to redesign for 2020!

the process of developing the logos first involved sketches. second, as an accompaniment to the logos, i developed brand guidelines for each logo to ensure consistency through the years. marketing materials, hangtags, and displays were also developed for the lines.

below are the logos. click on them to view the corresponding plush, which directly relate to their typography, design, and style.

logo individuals-01
logo individuals-04
logo individuals-02
logo individuals-05
logo individuals-03
logo individuals-06

for each logo design, i presented logo sketches to the design team and went forward with direction to create vector logos.

safari friends sketch
rainbow sherbet

once a logo was decided, i worked with the design team to develop brand guidelines for each logo.

brand guidelines + display & hangtags

PDQ art for web
Mushy Plushies Logo-01

here is an example of a packaging design i developed for a mystery blind bag. the bag is biodegradable, we buried one outside our office to test it out and i think it's gone now.

Smarty Mockup
candy dreams logo-01

here are some displays i developed for our Candy Dreams line. sometimes when designing, there are no dielines so you need to develop your own dielines. we used a lot of dielines at Fiesta Toy. did i mention i understand dielines? hire me.

Candy Dreams Mockup Displays
gumballs logo final

a "dump box" for Edible Arrangements.

Gumballs mockup