As a designer at Fiesta, one of my main tasks was logo design. The Fiesta Toy logo is a 48 year logo that I had the opportunity to redesign for 2020.

In addition to their main logo, I also designed new product logos and branding. The process first involved sketches/mood boards. Second, brand guidelines were developed for each logo to ensure consistency through the years. Marketing materials, packaging, hangtags, and displays were also developed for the lines.

Below are the logos. Click on them to view the corresponding plush, which directly relate to their typography, design, and style.

logo individuals-01
logo individuals-04
logo individuals-02
logo individuals-05
logo individuals-03
logo individuals-06

For each logo design, I presented logo sketches to the design team and went forward with direction to create vector logos.

safari friends sketch
rainbow sherbet

After the sketch process for each logo, branding was developed.

PDQ art for web
Mushy Plushies Logo-01

Designed a biodegradable packaging option.

Smarty Mockup
candy dreams logo-01

advertisement design

sherbet gumball candy dreams banner final
gumballs logo final

Magazine advertisement for print, along with Swaddle Babies logo,
one of my more recent logo designs.

Feb 21 Souvenir and Gift Ad Fiesta Toy

Gudetama by Sanrioproduct design / packaging design

Web DesignProject type

Logo DesignProject type

Sugarfinapackaging design

AvoCuddle Me!Project type

Catalog DesignProject type

Zoppe Italian CircusProject type

Tote Bag DesignProject type

Social MediaProject type

Fullerton ArboretumProject type

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Los Angeles, CA