while working at Fiesta Toy, i worked on advertisements and sell sheets for digital and print purposes. advertisements were featured on the web on places like the San Diego Zoo, and printed in magazines like Museums and More. when designing these promotional materials, i had to consider what would draw in the customer to the product, and also had to consider target audience, etcetera. i mostly did illustrations, logo designs, and typographic design.

SD Zoo Ad-01

advertisement on the left, featured below on San Diego Zoo Virtual Giraffe Cam


this advertisement i designed for Gift Shop Magazine features my logo designs as well as two of my packaging designs: Snugglies Cutie Beans and Woodland Cutie Beans.


this sell sheet i designed features my packaging design and logo design for
Pocket Straws, Fiesta's very own reusable straw.

dalmatian sell sheet
Unicorn Sequin Backpack Sell Sheet
Fiestas Best-01
Flamingo Hat and Stingray Hat Sell Sheet-01