Worked at Sugarfina as their print/packaging design intern.
Alongside the creative team I developed custom graphics for various clients, worked on a "intern project" of limited edition candy packaging & helped design their wholesale catalog.

Following customers styles guides, designed custom candy cubes & packets.

current cubes-01

Below are my 5 themed boxes:

Hawaii / New York / Las Vegas / Los Angeles / Texas

As a lifelong Angeleno, the Los Angeles sketch & concept (below) was my favorite to work on.


Using Adobe InDesign, I worked on the wholesale catalog, arranging type & image and updating information.

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

Gudetama by Sanrioproduct design / packaging design

Web DesignProject type

Logo DesignProject type

Sugarfinapackaging design

AvoCuddle Me!Project type

Catalog DesignProject type

Zoppe Italian CircusProject type

Tote Bag DesignProject type

Social MediaProject type

Fullerton ArboretumProject type

(c) Danielle Giberti 
Los Angeles, CA