At Fiesta Toy, I designed their all new website and set up an ecommerce platform (Shopify). Their previous website was inacessible and provided very little sales. The goal was to develop a website that was user friendly, cross compatible, and visually pleasing. I rebuilt www.fiestatoy.com from the ground up.

I created assets for the website, developed content/copy, and focused on metadata and tags that would increase vistors and thus sales; thanks to the new website, Fiesta Toy gained over $50,000 and growing.

Daily, I manage & create assets (photos, icons, banners, etc.) using our server, edit product information & inventory, make changes to the design & copy, gather marketing research & analytics, organize email & text marketing platforms, perform SEO, and many more tasks.

The landing page, with a javascript carousel featuring various banners I designed.

bob ross splash fiesta

Website is used to run events and market products digitally.
The below banners were created by working with different teams to figure marketing strategies and design. 

christmas banners
Black Friday Banner

An example of a pop up form added to the website to increase email & text followers.

Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 4.15.34 PM

Designed many icons for different plush toy lines.

An important feature of the website was cross platform compatibility.
Below is the same page on different platforms.

custom page fiesta

I wrote a majority of the product information and various pages such as the below about me page, for example.
I did research with other teams and referenced information on the company to create copy for the website.

Front View iPhone X and Macbook Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graph

Gudetama by Sanrioproduct design / packaging design

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Logo DesignProject type

Sugarfinapackaging design

AvoCuddle Me!Project type

Catalog DesignProject type

Zoppe Italian CircusProject type

Tote Bag DesignProject type

Social MediaProject type

Fullerton ArboretumProject type

(c) Danielle Giberti 
Los Angeles, CA