UI/UX design, Packaging design, Branding

Balance is an app that helps you find your balance, in a financial sense. This conceptual app helps users create better savings habits using charts and tracking data, connects bank and card info, and even uses computer vision to scan reciepts to track spending. For this group project, I worked on UI/UX product design, branding, and packaging design.

Our team did research on various finance applications to determine the look and feel of the app. We conducted user tests to create a seamless app that is user friendly and easy to operate.

In addition to the app, physical promotional materials were created to send to spread the word about the new app. This included a "balance box", chock full of goodies like a mint scented air freshener, a hand sanitizing wipe, stickers of characters and symbols from the app, and fun fact cards in the shape of currency! Inside the box is a QR code to download the app.


The balance box is chocked full of goodies perfect for any financially saavy individual. Above are the diecut fun facts about money.

Inside the box you'll also find a mint air freshener, coined off the US Mint, and some stickers with characters from the app!

Of course to keep your hands clean after touching money, we added sanitizing wipes!


The breakdown page allows the user to easily see all their spending broken down on one page.


The reciept scanner uses computer vision to easily track spending. Tips from Tipboy are always refreshing daily with useful & fun facts!


Savings are the best part of using this app. View all your finances in one place and add a new goal, for a sunny vacation or rainy day, etc.